Don’t want the complication of storing and owning a display? Why not rent it?
Cheap and simple.


What products are available for rent?
All products found in our Standard Product Catalogue are available for rent.
How long is the Rental period?
Rentals are quoted for a maximum of 5 days.
What if I only require it for a day?
The rate is the same as a 5 day rental.
Does the 5 days include the shipping time?
No it does not. The clock starts from the date you requested the exhibit.
What happens if I require it for longer?
You will be charged a pro-rata daily rate.
Is there a delivery charge?
Delivery is free to all main centres with a 3 day lead time
What happens if I require it delivered outside a main centre or with a shorter delivery time?
We will quote you for these eventualities.
How are they delivered?
Rented items are delivered using an Economy Road Freight service.
How are they packed?
Items are shipped in sealed Systemised Carry Bags with Assembly instructions and packing instructions attached.
What happens if there is no seal or the seal is broken?
Do not accept the goods and inform us immediately of the situation.
How do I find out how to erect the display?
Refer to the detailed assembly instructions attached to the carry bags or refer to the online YouTube assembly video for the unit.
What happens if I need somebody to erect the exhibit?
We offer this service available on request.
What happens if I need advice when erecting the unit?
Advice from a trained technician is available 24/7 free of charge.
How do I send the unit back?
Dismantle and pack the unit into the carry bags in the same way they came and seal with the seals provided. Inform us of where and when it will be available for collection and leave it to us.
What happens if the bags arrive without seals?
The courier company will not accept unsealed bags from you which means they were unsealed in their care and will be held accountable for missing items.
What happens if I break something?
You will be charged for the repair or replacement unless covered by our warranty. Our priority is to immediately ship a replacement so that you are fully functional.
What happens to the prints?
The prints belong to the customer and should not be returned to us.
If I already have prints can I just order the structure?
Yes, the utilisation of existing prints makes this a very economical way to display.
What if I need a customised solution?
No problem, we will design a solution for you. Unfortunately this will not be available on a rental basis.
Can I purchase the stand if I decide to keep it?
Yes, you will be billed for the difference between the Rental and Purchase price.
Where can I see Rental prices on what’s available?
Ask us for a quote on a rental stand on our contacts page.