New Products and develpments

Economy Desk

New to our range is the Economy Promoter Desk. It ticks all the boxes of a fully branded, sturdy desk that is super easy to set up and totally portable. Of course there is some compromise when compared to our superb Promoters Desk, but where long term durability is not required this is a great option. At R1400.00 complete with print and carry bag the value is simply superb.

Flexi Rail

The Flexi Rail does 2 things; it replaces an existing function and introduces a fabulous new one. The Rail linking function is now easier and more convenient than with the existing rail connector. The new connector provides a stronger join and is more secure and quicker and easier to use. An important change is the inclusion of the Sliders (the clips that mate the rail to the twistlocks on the uprights) on the Flexi Rail. There is no need for any sliders on the rails. This adds a huge amount of flexibility and multiuse ability as a rail can be used anywhere no longer limited by its attachment points. The second part of the Flexi Rail function is entirely new. This rail connector can bend! It can be bent by hand to the angle you require. It will maintain this bend until you bend it to another angle and there is no limit to the number of times it can be bent. This allows you to shape your exhibit without having to decide beforehand and manufacture a dedicated bend. The stand shape often varies from 1 appearance to another and there are often subtle changes that are not known beforehand. No problem with the new Flexi rail.

Wing Foot

The Wing Foot is a single part, low profile and above all super light. It does not quite have the same lateral stability as the scissor foot but the when used in combinations of 2 or more has excellent stability. The foot is super light and where portability is of high importance this is a great option. Any foot is always a giveaway to the display being portable and this foot minimises this with its low profile and great aesthetics.

Easy Rail Connector

The Easy Rail connector is similar to the Flexi Rail in the way it connects 2 rails together easier and more securely. It also has its own integrated slider maintaining the flexibility of the system by allowing rails to be used anywhere. Easy Rail Connectors are used where rails are joined in a straight line unlike the Flexi Rail which is used where a direction change is required at the join.