500W FLOODLIGHT These multi-poise Quartz Halogen Floodlights are made in 2 sizes. 150 and 500 Watt 220V units. They are found mounted on Uprights and illuminate graphic wall from above. 109
LED WW FLOODLIGHT LED Wall Wash Floodlight with bag and transformer. 110
LED STRIP LED Strip lighting is mostly used for back-lighting units. They are found in the uprights and are supplied with a power supply to run off a 220V supply. LED’s can be supplied to run off battery power if required. 111
SELF TENSIONER Self Tensioners are spring loaded supports which provide constant tension to prints. They can be used on all structures, but are essential with double sided units as the Twist Locks normally used to tension prints are inaccessible. 115
SHELVING A wide range of shelving options are available. They are found in desks to add storage capacity and as product display surfaces when used in Stand Layouts. Perspex inserts can be added to enhance aesthetic appeal and facilitate lighting. Shelves are PVC Wrapped for durability and aesthetic appeal.
INTEGRATED BROCHURE HOLDERS These brochure holders are built into a counter surface, are virtually indestructible and require no installation and allows the unit to flat pack.
INTEGRATED DUMP BINS Dump Bins are built into the counter surfaces and allows the storage and dispensing of giveaways from the unit. They are virtually indestructible, require no installation and allows the unit to flat pack.
HEADERS Headers are options for desks and Stand Layouts. They are used to extend the branding in highly visible areas such as above Stands and Desks. A wide variety of straight and curved options are available. Headers can be retrofitted, can be double sided and back-lit.