Questions frequently asked by potential dealers

What qualifies me to be a FabX Display Products dealer?

If you have an ethic of excellence, a customer base that you have a relationship with and are able to sell display related solutions to, you qualify.

Is there a price advantage to being an accredited dealer?

Yes there is. The price advantage will be negotiated at the time and dependent on variables such as expected volumes and capacity. 

Apart from Sales infrastructure what capabilities do I need to be able to be a dealer?

Our dealers have a wide variety of capabilities. Some dealers sell only certain FabX components. On the other end of the spectrum there are dealers who provide only a sales function and rely on Fabrigrafix for the full range of other functions. Fabrigrafix is able to provide a full bouquet of services. A dealer can use Fabrigrafix to augment the services they are not able to support and provide their customer with the best and fullest support at all times.

What services can you provide?

The more pertinent services include the following:

  • Comprehensive Sales and Marketing support
  • In-house Conceptualization & design
  • In – house Full 3D design presentation (photo realistic renderings and technical drawing)
  • In – house Artwork origination and design layout
  • In – house Large format Digital printing
  • In – house manufacture of all components of the Fabx Display System
  • In – house Bag making
  • National network for training, installation and breakdowns

Are the dealerships awarded for a certain geographical area?

No. The extreme diversity of sales sectors, dealers, customer bases and product applications makes this impractical. The appointment of a new dealer is always to extend the coverage of the availability of the product and not to overlap on existing coverage.

Will I receive any training?

Full induction training as well as close communication and ongoing support is a high priority.

What marketing initiatives are there to support my sales initiatives?

Fabrigrafix has a formal marketing program with clearly defined measurables, details of which we fully share with all participating dealers.

Will I be able to speak to a “human” about problems or information I need?

YES! You will have 24/7 access to a very competent team of experts in their respective fields of expertise. We place a high priority on prompt and detailed communication and you will always have a very personal and human response in all dealings with us.

Are you BEE Compliant?

Yes we are. Certification is downloadable from the Dealer support section on the website.

Is there a warranty for the product?

Yes there is. Accountability and a swift resolution to a product failure with as little inconvenience or cost to the customer is at the base of the warranty offered. Our Warranty Agreement is available on the Dealer support section of the website.

What margins am I able to achieve in selling the product?

Fabrigrafix does not impose or make any suggestion regarding pricing structures. Markups ranging between 30% and 400% are common.

What will it cost to become a dealer?

There is no cost to becoming a FabX display Systems Dealer. There are no joining fees, royalties or commissions and no stock holding required.

Is there a dealer agreement I can see?

Yes there is. There is a simple yet complete contract clearly spelling out the agreement. Please let us know you are interested and we will let you have a copy of the agreement.

Is there a review process?

Yes there is. We acknowledge that the reputation of the product is to some extent affected by the overall representation and support provided by the entire dealer network and we strive to include entities that will contribute positively to the overall reputation.

I live outside South Africa. Can I still become a dealer?

Yes. The ease with which the system can be transported, the worldwide application for the product and a sound marketing plan along with a very sympathetic exchange rate makes this a very attractive prospect for anybody wanting to deal internationally.

Can I speak to somebody about this?

Call +27 (0)860104660 and speak to Rob Hamilton or use the form below for your inquiry